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Loan Spotlight: Auto Credit Express

Do you have bad credit or no credit? Have you been turned down for a new or used car loan? Are you beginning to wonder if you’ll ever be able to purchase a vehicle? Check out Auto Credit Express®.

As frustrating as it may be, you have options. Auto Credit Express®, for example, is a top provider of lender and dealer connections for consumers struggling to secure an auto loan.

As you learn more about Auto Credit Express®, you may come to find that it’s the best way to secure a loan that suits your every want and need.

Complete a Loan Request Form Online

It only takes three minutes to complete the Auto Credit Express® online loan request form. You’re asked to provide the following:

  • Contact information
  • Monthly income
  • Residential information
  • Employment information
  • Authorization and certification (Social Security Number)

There’s a good chance you already have this information on hand, so it won’t take long to complete the form.

Multiple Loan Options

Auto Credit Express® is not a “one size fits all” service, but instead offers a variety of loan types. Here are your options:

  • Car loans for bad credit
  • Bad credit lease deals
  • Second chance car loans
  • No money down car loans
  • $500 down car loans
  • Guaranteed auto financing

Reasons to Use Auto Credit Express®

Despite the fact that there are thousands of banks and credit unions that offer car loans, you may find it difficult to secure financing through traditional means.

As a car buying service for people with special credit needs, Auto Credit Express® can step in to help streamline the process.

The primary goal of Auto Credit Express® is to connect consumers with credit problems to lenders and car dealers, thus allowing them to purchase a vehicle and reestablish their credit.

Auto Credit Express® is built on four “guiding principles” to help ensure its customers of receiving the best service:

  • A passion for helping others: Auto Credit Express® was built on the idea that helping others improve their lives is more important than anything else.
  • Always do the right thing: It’s not always easy to find a lender and/or dealer who is willing to do the right thing by the consumer. Auto Credit Express® takes the opposite approach to ensure that every customer receives honest and trustworthy service and advice.
  • Have energy, and the ability to energize others: With a positive attitude, Auto Credit Express® gives every customer peace of mind and confidence in the process.
  • Winning with a fair fight: Auto Credit Express® strives to help every party in the car buying process, including the consumer, dealer, and lender.

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling to secure a loan to purchase a vehicle, take the time to learn more about Auto Credit Express®. By completing a simple four-step application, you’ll get a better understanding of what the company can do for you.

Once everything is laid out, you can then decide if it makes sense to proceed with the service provided by Auto Credit Express®. You may find that it’s just what you need.

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