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Avoid These Mortgage Application Mistakes

Applying for a mortgage is one of the biggest financial steps you’ll ever take. This doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily moving forward with the purchase of a home, but you’re at least thinking about it. And for that reason, you need to know exactly what you’re doing. This isn’t a good time to make a mistake.

Here are five of the most common mortgage application mistakes:

1. Lying on your application

This is a mistake that you can’t afford to make. Not only will it result in an application denial, but you could also find yourself in hot water with the law.

Make sure that every bit of information on your mortgage application is 100 percent accurate. Even a seemingly minor mistake can impact the lender’s decision.

2. Neglecting to boost your credit score

If at all possible, take steps to boost your credit score before applying. For example, if you have high credit card account balances, consider the steps you can take to lower them. Every little bit counts, so don’t be shy about creating and carrying out a plan.

3. Quitting your job before closing on your home

Even if you have a good reason for doing so, this is a mistake that you need to avoid. Until you close, your lender still has the ability to back out. And you can be rest assured that they’ll do just that if you don’t have a verifiable source of income.

If you’re quitting your job, make sure you’ve first started another one. And if you’re not starting yet, you should at least have an offer letter to share with the lender.

4. Neglecting to read the fine print

This is a common mistake, as nobody wants to read through the many pages of a mortgage application. However, you could miss out on important details, some of which may lead to spending a lot more money than you have to.

5. Slow getting documentation to your lender

Your lender will require quite a bit of documentation, so make sure you’re working with them closely to provide what they need. The longer you wait, the slower it is to get an approval and move through the underwriting process. Act fast so that you don’t slow down the purchase of your home.

These types of mortgage mistakes have the potential to sneak up on you. By protecting against them from the start, you’ll find yourself in better position to efficiently move through the entire process. And when you do that, you’ll soon be moving into your dream home!


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