Personal Loans

What is PersaLOAN?

At PersaLOAN, we understand there are times when a personal loan is the best answer to your financial problems. That’s why it’s our mission to provide customers with access to a variety of lenders, all through a simple online process.

A personal loan is nothing to take lightly, as it will alter your financial situation in many ways. We share information on our website to help you make the best choice for yourself, regardless of why you are applying for funds.

The Loan Process Explained

A Simplified Process

When you need to borrow money the last thing you want is a complex process full of challenges at every turn of the road. It’s our goal to provide a simple, streamlined process that allows you to move forward one step at a time, all the while understanding exactly what’s happening.
If you have any questions about how we work and the service we provide, feel free to contact us.

City and State Information

Before you opt for a personal loan, it’s important to learn more about related laws in your state. We provide a variety of city and state specific information within the lender or lending partner “view details” pages, so don’t hesitate to learn more before making a decision.

Impact to your Credit Score

Your credit score is important, as it represents your ability to manage credit, which includes repaying loans.

For example, a late payment or missed payment can ding your credit score, thus making it more challenging to obtain a personal loan (or any other type in the future).

We take great pride in allowing consumers with less than excellent credit to view offers for personal loans that will with any credit score. While every loan is subject to credit approval by the lender, we make it easy to connect you with those lenders and lending partners.

Your lender may use a soft pull or hard pull to get a better look at your credit score and history. Too many of these during a short period of time can also have a negative impact on your score.

Loan Funding

It doesn’t matter why you’re submitting a request for a personal loan, you know how important it is to obtain the funds as soon as possible. If you receive an approval from one of our lending partners, you can usually expect to see a confirmation email, call or text which explains or provides instructions on how to attain your funds.

Apply and Collect

A long, drawn out loan application process is a thing of the past. Once you find a lender and agree to the terms, you can electronically sign your agreement and receive your funds the next business day.  Please review lenders terms and conditions for complete details.

A Fast Online Form Process

It only takes a handful of minutes to complete our secure online form. Best yet, there is no waiting time and the online form is designed for mobile use (both iOS and Android).

Loan Repayment

You need to choose a term that suits your financial situation, as well as the amount you’re borrowing. From a couple months to five or more years, there are multiple terms available to borrowers. Please review full term and conditions when agreeing to a repayment schedule.

Find a great lender or lending partner in minutes!